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DxO FilmPack is capable of providing your entire photo library with a traditional appearance similar to that of the old photo cameras that used silver-halide film. It's a complete image editing tool that can simulate the features of old photo films very accurately. Bring back the style of analog movies This pack of utilities has a full set of effects that it applies to accomplish that sensation. It has 20 different film papers to choose from among which you'll be able to find classics paper by Fuji Kodak and Polaroid. Furthermore it's possible to carry out modifications about tones contrasts or saturation and color filters. It's a perfect tool for professional photographers that want to include classic effects and the magic of the paper that used to be used on the digital photos that they have taken with the added bonus that it is a program that is so simple to use than even a beginner will be able to apply changes. If you want to recover the charisma of the traditional photo development room on your pics together with the effects that could be applied during those processes you should try out DxO FilmPack.

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