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O&O DiskImage is a tool that can help you avoid the loss of data whether due to a human error or a virus that can cause so many problems in a company. The lack of backups can have as a result the loss of a lot of important information from a computer whether in a work or personal environment. This application has a really simple control system that will allow any user to create backups of his/her data so that it can be restored at a later date if required. The program is capable of creating disc images (fixed or incremental) of any unit on your computer with the possibility to mount them later burn them on an optical disc or replace the contents of any storage device on your computer. How this tool works is very simple because all the processes it is capable of completing have guided assistants that will help you through out the whole process step-by-step. If you were looking for a tool developed to create backups by means of disc images download O&O DiskImage now.

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