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MP3 Torpedo is a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) application created to exchange files over the renowned Gnutella network. This utility is specialized in the download of digital sound files more specifically MP3. It's actually a fork of LimeWire so we'll be able to find many of the functions that are present in that project: carry out searches with the possibility to filter the results manage the downloaded files access the files shared by a specific user pause/resume the downloads ... But furthermore it includes an important advantage for users as it doesn't limit the exchange of audio files because it doesn't implement DRM filtering technology that prevents sharing music with copyright as it happens in other “legal” P2P clients. If you want to have an alternative to LimeWire with which you can share videos music and games that has similar features to the original program download MP3 Torpedo.

MP3 Torpedo For Windows Download

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