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Each day computers are used more for work and the easier it is to fulfill actions the higher our general productivity is thus having an application like Just Gestures that allows the possibility to automate processes by means of mouse gestures can come in very handy. Customize how you use your mouse by means of gestures When you install the program Just Gestures will provide you with a series of gestures that can be activated by means of the right mouse button to speed up certain common tasks but as well as these Just Gestures allows the possibility to combine mouse gestures with other button combinations and gestures. For example it is worth highlighting that you will be able to minimize a window to the taskbar by simply pressing the right button and moving the mouse downwards. Or on the contrary you will be able to open a Google or Wikipedia search by simply drawing an imaginary circle while pressing the same button. Therefore if you want to make it a lot easier to complete certain tasks on your computer download and install Just Gestures it is free and it will make you use your computer with a lot more speed.

Just Gestures For Windows Download

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