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Creating backups of your computer's contents is a guarantee against problems in many cases. Thanks to Shadow Copy Cloner you will be able to do so allowing you to recover a specific corrupt file at a given time or even the full system if necessary. Create backups of system files One of the innovations included in this software is that the backup includes the Windows files as well as the access permissions thus keeping the information safe. It is also possible to create boot discs that you will be able to use to return to the moment in which the backup was made if there is any problem on the system. Shadow Copy Cloner uses Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service to create the backup. Thus you will be able to work with the PC while you create the backup. What's more you will be able to create an update on top of the backup because it will only affect the files that have varied since the last time it was made. To maintain your computer safe it is necessary to have good tools to create backups like for example Shadow Copy Cloner.

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