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Crave World Clock is a very useful application for all those people that need to know the time all over the world due to business or other reasons. This tool shows a world map with the areas in which it is day and night with the times of all the main cities. What's more it has a calendar which you will be able to configure as desktop wallpaper. Know the exact time of any country If you travel a lot and often lose track of what time it is Crave World Clock will come in very handy. You will be able to see a world map with the time and date of the main cities and when you pass the mouse over it you will see the time of the city that you pass over. You can also search for a city by means of a search box to know the time in that place. Crave World Clock also has a calendar and a box with telephone codes for all the countries. What's more you can make that world map the background wallpaper to have the world time visible whenever you need it.

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