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When many music files are downloaded from the Internet or when you store many photographs on a computer in a single go it is very common to want to change the name of the files to be able to recognize them later especially if you have stored photographs from different events. To be able to change the name of all these files in a simple way and without any unnecessary time loss you can use Panda Batch File Renamer. With this program you will only have to choose the files that you want to rename and then select the changes that you want to apply. Options available Add text to the file names. Remove text from file names. Invert the order of the text. Change a specific text. Add information about a music file from the ID3 tag. And more... Therefore if you regularly need to change multiple file names download and install Panda Batch File Renamer it is free and portable which will allow you to use it on any computer.

Panda Batch File Renamer For Windows Download

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