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This is a tool that can come in very handy for daily work with a computer. PhraseExpress is capable of replacing text extracts according to the indications that you make something that can really save you energy. You will be able to organize text fragments expand abbreviations as you write autocomplete repetitive sentences create keyboard shortcuts... Save time by automatically replacing text Save the text fragments you are interested in in different categories to be able to access them quickly. Once the application detects that the requirements established by the user are fulfilled it will substitute the text for your own text fragments. Thus you will save hours of typing. For example if you establish the abbreviation “etc.” the application can take care of substituting it automatically for the text: “etcetera”. This is an ideal solution specially for businesses and companies. It even includes spellchecking functions with the TypoLearn feature thanks to which the software will detect the most common spelling errors and it will add them to its database to automatically correct them. Do you want to save time while you write? Create the specific calls and save the effort of always having to write texts repetitively. With PhraseExpress you will optimize your time as much as possible.

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