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The Internet offers its users the possibility to access plenty of contents and photos are one of the types of contents that appeal the most to the users. The only problem is that to be able to save a full photo gallery it is necessary to do so one by one something that can be tedious but that can be avoided with applications like Advanced Pic Hunter. Find your favorite photos on any web This light application automates the process of downloading any photograph or image from a website. All you will have to indicate the website from which you want to download the photographs and give the project a name and Advanced Pic Hunter will start reading the page in search of images and it will download them to the hard drive showing a thumbnail preview of each image. To avoid downloading rubbish Advanced Pic Hunter offers the possibility to filter the kind of images that will be downloaded (GIF or JPEG) and the minimum and maximum size. Another practical option is the possibility to copy any of the images directly from the interface to the Windows clipboard. Therefore if you want to download photos from the Internet in a very practical way that will save you a lot of work download and install Advanced Pic Hunter.

Advanced Pic Hunter For Windows Download

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