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When a computer is used during a certain amount of time it is common to install and uninstall many programs to download programs from the Internet to move files... All these actions can leave traces behind on the hard drive and it is convenient to get rid of them so as to avoid that they affect the computer's performance. To find them and eliminate them you can use SLOW-PCfighter. Optimize your PC and increase its speed This program analyzes the hard drive of a computer in search of references that no longer have any value obsolete entries in the Windows registry file shared DLLs that are no longer associated to any file non-existent references to files and paths... and once it has found everything that may be affecting the computer it offers the possibility to eliminate it. What's more SLOW-PCfighter allows you to save a backup of the Windows registry file to be able to restore it at a later date if necessary and to choose which applications will be loaded together with the system which will make the system loading time a lot shorter. Therefore if you want an application with which you will be able to make the computer work a lot quicker and that the smallest amount of errors occur download and install SLOW-PCfighter.

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