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IE7 Runonce Remover For Windows Reviews

Runonce is the page that is shown when you open the Internet Explorer 7 browser for the first time or if you reestablish the configuration from the Internet options. It's a welcome page but on many occasions it's rather bothersome that the browser automatically opens on that website each time that you open the browser. Customize IE7's home page This welcome page allows you to vary several of the Internet Explorer configuration settings. Nevertheless many users consider this fact rather annoying and they prefer to define the browser's home page by themselves. Because on many occasions the loading of that page can cause an error that you'll now be able to avoid. IE7 Runonce Remover is a small application that hardly occupies any space. Once you have launched it you'll be able to remove the Runonce website from your browser and avoid that it takes you there each time that you try to use the browser. Make the most of the possibilities offered by IE7 Runonce Remover a tool that allows you to eliminate the Runonce web page from Internet Explorer 7.

IE7 Runonce Remover For Windows Download

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