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If you need a present and you can't think of anything maybe CollageIt can help: you will be able to create a collage with your most special photographs. The result is very good and it will hardly take you any time. You will only need CollageIt and a few images. Create collages with your favorite images without making things difficult It is possible to create a collage with other image editors but it can work out a rather tough job. CollageIt offers the possibility to easily create a photographic composition. You will only have to add the images that you want and adjust some parameters. First you will have to decide which will be the background of your collage. It can be a color or even another image. After that you have to decide how many photographs will form the composition and the distance that will separate them. CollageIt also offers a very useful function: to rotate the images randomly. This will save a lot of time and will give the collage a fresh touch. Last but not least you have to decide if you want the images to have a frame the color and the width. And the collage will be finished. You will only have to save it in the format of your choice.

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