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When it comes the time to become a father or mother especially the first time many people start imagining what their son or daughter will be like in a near future and now thanks to BabyMaker it will be possible to discover it. This program uses some of the latest facial recognition techniques on portrait photos of each of the parents to create a virtual image of the future baby. BabyMaker takes into account the traits of both the father as well as the mother to create the image. Discover the aspect of your future baby The process is very easy nearly like a guided assistant first you have to select the father's photo then the mother's and last of all the sex and the ethnic group and the program will generate the image. Once it has created the image the program will allow you to send it to your friends and family by email or to save it on the hard drive to be able to check it later. Therefore if you want an application that will allow you to see what your future son or daughter may look like when they are five or six download and install BabyMaker.

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