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The longer you use a computer the higher the possibilities are that you will end up having duplicate files of certain images and a consequence of that the hard drive can fill up with unnecessary files. To be able to avoid that from happening you can use a program like Image Comparer. This light application has a single objective to compare all the images from one or two galleries to be able to determine if they are identical images or those that are very similar. Compare images to find duplicates Image Comparer is very easy to use because it has a guided assistant with which you will be able to complete the full process. All that will be necessary to do is to select if you want to compare the contents of one or two galleries select those that correspond and last of all indicate if you only want to find the images that aren't identical or those that have great resemblance. Once the process is finished Image Comparer will show you a comparative table and in the case of similar images how much they resemble one another with the option to show only up to a certain degree of resemblance. It also offers the possibility to see exactly what details are those that differ between the two images. Therefore if you want to find all the images that you have duplicated on your hard drive download and try Image Comparer.

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