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BitDefender Antivirus For Mac Reviews

The majority of users think that Mac is a synonym of absolute security in what regards to malicious attacks but this couldn't be further from the truth. Each day there are more threats the main objective of which is to attack Apple's platform and you may become a victim if you don't have the appropriate protection like that offered by BitDefender Antivirus. This antivirus has been developed to protect you against threats that have been basically created for other platforms but that may also infect you. Nevertheless it will also protect your computer against threats that are exclusive to Mac computers. Main features Detection and blocking of threats created both for Windows as well as Mac platforms. Constant update of the database so as to include all the latest known viruses. Possibility to program intelligent computer analysis processes. Quarantine zone to store suspicious elements. If you have a Mac you had better not believe that you are immune to attacks. Download BitDefender Antivirus and protect yourself against the attacks that your computer may suffer.

BitDefender Antivirus For Mac Download

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