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DVD2AVI is an application with which you will be able to open VOB container files edit them and save them as AVI. DVD video discs are formed by VOB files that contain the video audio and subtitle tracks. In general when it comes to playing this kind of file or converting them problems usually arise because the majority of compressors and players don't offer support for this file format. With this tool you will be able to open them select a part and save them in the very popular AVI format. Functions available You will be able to access the contents of VOB and MPEG-2 files and view them. Extract the audio tracks maintaining the audio in Dolby Digital format if it were the case or extract them as WAV files. Compress the audio in MP3. Select part of the file and save it as AVI. DVD2AVI is easy to use. By means of the application's menu select the file that you want to open. Once selected you only have to click on Add and the file will open. When dealing with VOB files you will only have to choose the first part and the rest will be selected automatically. DVD2AVI also has a function that allows programs like TMPGEnc to read and process the information from the VOB files. If you are going to work with VOB files DVD2AVI will come in very handy.

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