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Right mouse button and Delete. At that moment the file is moved to the recycling bin that can be eliminated by emptying its contents. Nevertheless those files are still far from being totally eliminated. XL Delete is an alternative capable of completely eliminating files from your PC. Thanks to its internal engine you will be able to permanently delete any file or folder including the private data from a web browser. Deleting temporary files will be no problem at all for this software. Emptying the recycling bin doesn't mean completely eliminating a file because it's still present on the hard drive. That is why there are several tools to recover deleted files. XL Delete will totally avoid that this happens. Eliminate all your private and confidential information with guarantees and make sure there is no risk of it being recovered. When you use XL Delete the data is continuously overwritten. What's more the application hides the data of the file making it difficult to read its name and size. It has 12 different deletion methods. How the software works is very simple and it is possible to automate the file cleaning process. The integrated file viewer will allow you to check the nature of each file before your eliminate them. Totally eliminate files with XL Delete a perfect application for this task. Bye bye files!

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