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Find out if there is any kind of error or problem with a website's links is something very important because it can result in the loss of visits and discontented users to solve this kind of problem you can use Fast Link Checker. Find any broken link This application can check all the links related to a website by simply indicating the address or if you prefer so it can check a single link. Once it has completed the check Fast Link Checker will offer the data regarding the errors it has encountered in a text form that will be understandable for the user. What's more Fast Link Checker can also check the website's links on any external website in such a way that it will be possible to notify them if there has been any change or if a news item no longer exists to name a few uses. Once you have all the data Fast Link Checker will allow you to export the results to show them to a specialist or simply to have written proof in case you need it in the future. Therefore if you want an application that will allow you to detect problems in any of a website's links download and install Fast Link Checker.

Fast Link Checker For Windows Download

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