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True Launch Bar is a tool that offers the possibility to increase the possibilities offered by the Windows quick start bar. If you think that the functions that this bar offers aren't enough and you would like to adapt them to your needs and to your way of browsing the system True Launch Bar allows you to create a start bar that meets your needs. It's very easy to use and totally customizable. Adapt the Windows quick start menu to your own needs With this application you'll be able to create your own menus including the applications that you use most your folders and shortcut icons to the places of your choice. True Launch Bar allows you to group the programs or to add new ones by simply dragging and dropping them. You will be able to have a True Launch Bar window on the desktop or to integrate it into the toolbar. True Launch Bar has another interesting function. It allows you to include applets on the toolbar to be able to access options that aren't available from the Windows start menu like for example to access the weather forecast or to control the system performance. All the latter by means of downloading all kinds of plug-ins.

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