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On many occasions users don't actually find out what processes are loaded together with the operating system and the larger the number of applications that are loaded the longer it will take for the computer to be fully operational. To be able to control the latter you can use an application like Startup Defender. Monitor the Windows boot process With Startup Defender you will have the possibility to select which processes load and which don't together with the operating system. To be able to establish the programs that are loaded with the system and block those that are unnecessary Startup Defender notifies the user each time that a program tries to add a loading command to the system startup. Another of the possibilities offered by Startup Defender is to stop any process that is currently running with a single command. All you will have to do is indicate it and the program will kill the process. What's more Startup Defender protects the system while it is loaded by means of a special firewall that it includes. Therefore if you want to accelerate the system loading process at the same time that you protect your computer against trojans and spyware that try to load together with the system download and try out Startup Defender.

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