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Xleaner is an application that easily allows you to eliminate all the temporary files generated while using the computer from the system. Both when you browse the Internet as well as when you install and use applications the operating system creates temporary files history files and other elements that occupy space on the system and that have no use in the long run. To make sure that your computer works correctly it is advisable to clear these files after a short period of time and Xleaner is a good tool to do so. To clean your computer with Xleaner you only have to click on the Purge button and the application will start analyzing the system and carrying out the following actions: clean the browser history files eliminate the cookies eliminate the browser cache and deleted the recently visited websites. Xleaner will also check the applications and check if there are temporary files that can be eliminated. Xleaner makes it very easy to be able to protect the user's privacy because it eliminates all the trails that are left behind when browsing the Internet. Completing this cleaning process is fundamental for the computer to work properly. Try Xleaner and make sure that you computer is clean of all worthless files.

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