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The idea behind Npackd is to create an application that can be used as a warehouse/control center for all the important free applications that can be found on the Internet at the same time that it notifies its users about updates to certain system elements. A repository of apps for Windows As such Npackd is a very simple application with an interface that shows a series of different lists depending on what the user chooses with the possibility to show all the applications it has available only those that have been installed or only the most modern versions of the programs. To be able to install any application it will only be necessary to select it from the listing and click the “Install” option at the top of the interface and the application will take care of the rest. What's more Npackd offers the possibility to be able to visit the website of each of the applications that it offers to install. Therefore if you want a program that will help you to control the free applications that you have installed and their updates download and install Npackd on to your computer.

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