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When we work with fonts both in True Type (.tff) and Open Type (.otf) formats we sometimes realize that the font we want to use is missing quite a few essential features. Thanks to the program called Type available for free on Mac we create fonts to our own liking and edit them. How does it work? It's a very simple program that's going to allow us to design edit or convert fonts as well as customizing any font that we may have already used. How can we do so? To create or open a font click on 'File' located on the upper menu and choose 'New' to create a font or 'Open' to open a system font to be able to edit it. As easy as that. On the left-hand side of the interface we'll find a toolbox with the instruments necessary to create the letters and symbols for your new font such as different kinds of curves rectangles pencils lines circles... A font for your project and however you want it to be. Although at the beginning you might find it somewhat complicated to understand all Type's tools once you get the hang of them you'll never stop creating fonts as it has been conceived to be used by both advanced users and beginners. Thanks to this software you can carry out the following actions: Import vector images from external programs such as Illustrator. Use rasterized background images as a guide to draw glyphs. Do free-hand contours without needing too many modifications.

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