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Are you programming an application to manage Wi-Fi connections? Are you encountering compatibility problems with Windows XP and Windows Vista? The solution is called WiFi-Manager and it allows you to use a single API to handle the connections and settings of a Wi-Fi connection using Windows XP and Windows Vista. The easiest way to control wireless connections The main problem that usually arises when you write a program to control wireless connections is that the API used by Windows XP and Windows Vista are different. With WiFi-Manager this will no longer be a problem and at the same time it will offer an easier way to control the settings of the connection making use of VB.NET or C#. Among the contents offered by WiFi-Manager it's possible to find sample applications with which it will be possible to learn how to use this software discover the possible settings and the different options that can be modified for each connection. Download WiFi-Manager to be able to program any wireless connection control application much more easily.

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