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Sync Breeze is an application that will allow you to synchronize folders in a quick flexible and easy way. With Sync Breeze you can create various commands and synchronization orders for various folders and discs. For example you can synchronize the folder in which you download music with the folder that you have destined to the songs on your computer. In this way each time a song is downloaded it will appear in the songs folder. Make the most of the functionalities of this synchronization tool To start using Sync Breeze you only have to indicate the folder that you want to synchronize and the way in which they will do so in other words if it will be a bidirectional or unidirectional synchronization. Thus you will be able to create synchronization commands between various folders. Sync Breeze also allows compressing the files at the same time that it synchronizes folders. Before the synchronization it will analyze the folders and it will show a list with all the files. If everything is correct it will synchronize the files.

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