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Tiny and Big is an entertaining and very original platform game in which Tiny will have to recover a pair of white pants that are the only thing he has left to remember his grandfather. Big has stolen them and you will have to chase him to recover this important heirloom. The game takes place in a three-dimensional environment: some kind of desert full of rocks. To be able to travel along this craggy area you will need a special instrument: a laser gun that will allow you to cut the rocks to be able to access the different places. A physics game with stunning settings At the beginning of the game you will have the chance to practice by means of a small tutorial. You will have to learn how you will be able to pull the rocks to make them fall. To do so you will have to throw a rope around the stone and pull until it falls. In other cases you will have to cut the stone with the laser. In Tiny and Big it is very important to think about how you will deal with the rocks so as to be able to move around with more freedom. Once you have practiced you will have to travel towards the high mountain to capture Big and recover your pants. With some skill and attention you will be able to reach any location by using the stones that you knock down strategically. Discover Tiny and Big and have a good time chasing Big and knocking down all the stones that you come across.

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