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One of the preset elements of any Windows desktop is the recycle bin. Nevertheless you might find it rather bothersome to have to maintain the icon there especially if you have many on the screen and it is occupying a space that you could use for something else. Now you can place it in the system try with MiniBin. To free this space MiniBin places a new bin in the system tray. A small icon that changes its aspect depending on whether the bin is full or empty. By simply double-clicking on it it will be possible to empty it automatically. A recycling bin for the system tray If you right-click on the icon you will be able to access the context menu with various options including the configuration. You will be able to change the icon's appearance based on your own taste because it offers various visual themes to choose from. Other options are the activation or deactivation of the visual and acoustic notification messages when you perform an action the interval that you have to wait for it to update its contents or the customization of the context menu names. The application is very light and hardly uses any system resources so now you know. Place the recycle bin in the system tray by downloading MiniBin free.

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