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Knowing how all the components of a PC work is essential to be able to optimize their performance. SysResources Manager is a monitoring tool that will make it easy to know the status of the system's components like the CPU usage the RAM memory the drives the processes the network activity the startup programs... Control everything that happens on your PC Thanks to SysResources Manager you will be able to check the average use of processors with up to eight cores and the RAM memory usage with the possibility to configure it so that it will be shown in the system tray graphically and numerically. You will be able to pay attention to all the processes that are launched and the programs opened as well as monitoring the network activity by means of the bandwidth traffic observing for example the connection speed. You can also control the Windows services as well as managing the programs that will take part in the system startup process. Check the drivers that are installed or the special Windows folders manage the screen resolution or the screensavers block the PC... A simple and at the same time complete option to monitor the activity of your PC is downloading SysResources Manager. Control all your components and the activity that they carry out to manage to make your machine work perfectly.

SysResources Manager For Windows Download

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