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It comes along as a professional photo editor that anyone without too many image editing knowledge can learn to use easily. That's Luminar for you a Mac software that offers us photo enhancement and adjustment functions that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding users. A program to edit and enhance images with an extraordinary performance. It's equipped with the latest technology for photo processing created by Macphun the company behind its development and that has been evolving the product over the last 10 years. In turn we're used to the fact the best image treatment programs required advanced user knowledge. But that's not the case of this software: with a simple and clear interface it offers us access to all the functions by means of simple menus where we can quickly find what we're looking for. Main features These are the main features and functions offered in this program: Adaptative user interface. Non-destructive editing: generate new files and undo whenever you need to. Differentiated workspaces. Support for RAW images. Dozens of layers and filters to be applied. Black and white processing. Delete objects from the image. Support for touchscreens. In turn we have to take into account another detail that makes it even more competitive: its price. This has led to a battle between Luminar and Adobe Lightroom in which Macphun's development has taken the lead thanks to the fact that you can buy the full or pro version for less than $70. A real bargain if we take into account the result it's capable of offering making it appropriate work on any project with professional purposes. With regard to PC users we're sorry to say that there's still no version for Windows but it's on its way. What's new in the latest version Now easier to move around the program. Improves the software's boot time. Speeds up the creation of albums. Possibility to change the interface's language from the program itself without having to resort to the system configuration.

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