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If you use an Apple laptop you'll surely appreciate an application that gives you detailed information about the status of its battery. This is the case of coconutBattery which will always have you informed about its charge. The most precise information about your MacBook's battery coconutBattery always has you aware of your battery's status with detailed and up-to-date information. It will indicate its charge as well as its total capacity with regard to the very first day that you bought it. Thus you'll always know how much battery you have left and you can carry out any changes that may help to reduce your energy consumption. Always be aware of your battery's charge. Features Total battery charge. Maximum charge capacity. Current battery charge. Energy measured in milliamps per hour. Date of manufacture. Amount of times the battery has been charged 100%. Recharge history. By downloading coconutBattery you'll have the perfect tool to avoid running out of battery and optimize the energy consumption of your MacBook.

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