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Each day it is more common to have many different devices and user accounts for various online services therefore it isn't at all strange for tools to be launched to be able to synchronize all of them. And when it comes to doing this on Mac one of the best tools is SyncMate. Synchronize all your data The SyncMate tool is designed to be able to synchronize multiple devices including: Mac computers and PCs. Smartphones: iOS Android and BlackBerry. Online accounts: Google Dropbox Callendars and Contacts. Mobile devices: iPod PSP MTP devices and USB pendrives. The program's interface is very clear and in a few seconds it will be possible to select the device or account with which you can synchronize the data choose which part of them will be used and which will be ignored. Additionally SyncMate offers other more advanced options with which it will be possible to carry out other actions but it will only be possible to access them by buy the product as with the synchronization of images and music files. Therefore if you want to synchronize your data with multiple devices you only have to download SyncMate for free.

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