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SketchUp Pro is Trimble's product for engineers and designers a tool prepared with everything necessary to create 3D models of almost anything. The best (and most innovative) tool for anyone that wants to design something from a coffee machine to a skyscraper. Despite being focused on design professionals SketchUp Pro is very easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface and the ease it offers when it comes to creating 3D models with speed and precision. Features of SketchUp Pro Create 3D designs from scratch or using models drawings CAD plans images... Large variety of modelling tools. Includes LayOut a tool to create professional presentations ready to be distributed: building drawings digital presentations etc. Include attributes with dynamic components in your creations. Export your work in the formats necessary so they can be imported into other applications. Obtain models from the Google 3D gallery. Valid in all sorts of environments SketchUp Pro offers great flexibility with regard to the designers' work thus we really recommend its use if you work in this type of task. The software is very useful for many environments including designing engineering etc. Download SketchUp Pro and you won't regret your choice.

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