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iFlicks is a program that will allow you to organize your videos gather information to complete the metadata and furthermore you will be able to convert them to the ideal format to play them on your iPhone or iPod. But iFlicks offers even more functions and it integrates perfectly with iTunes in such a way that you will be able to use it from the iTunes Scripts menu. Organize all your videos and convert them to the format of your choice If you like watching films and series on your Mac and you believe that you should order your videos iFlicks is the tool for you. Once you have imported the videos to iFlicks you will have immediate access to full information to complete their metadata and to be able to improve how the films are organized. To manage this iFlicks integrates with the website from where it downloads all the information. Furthermore iFlicks is an effective format converter. After choosing the output format it will convert all the videos that you have on the playlist at that given moment. You will be able to choose between Universal iPod iPhone iPod Touch Apple TV iPad or HD. Another interesting feature of iFlicks is that you will be able to easily control it from the iTunes Scripts.

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