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The synchronization of various accounts or computers is moving towards 'the cloud' even though for the moment Microsoft hasn't announced any changes in what regards to the synchronization of various copies of Outlook so we will have to continue using programs like Easy2Sync for Outlook an application that allows us to synchronize our favorite task manager/e-mail client on various computers. Keep your different Outlook instances synchronized Easy2Sync for Outlook is capable of managing our mail contacts agenda and files of various copies of Outlook so that they end up automatically synchronized even though it is possible to do so manually. What's more it is possible to configure this complement so that is doesn't synchronize all the information allowing us to have the same agenda in various places but not the same received emails for example. Due to the sector that it is focused on Easy2Sync for Outlook doesn't work with Outlook Express but it does with any version of Outlook included in the Microsoft Office suite. Thanks to Easy2Sync for Outlook we can have all the Outlooks of our choice perfectly synchronized to be able to receive on various computers our e-mail and mark the ones the we read as revise without having to worry where we read them.

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