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YoruFukurou also known as NightOwl is one of the most surprising Twitter clients that we have been able to see because not only does it allow the user to use the social network in a rather quick and versatile manner it also offers integration with Mac OS X and some of its elements are really noteworthy.   The program allows the user to follow the timeline of any of his/her contacts publish his/her status and send private messages among other options. Among its most noteworthy functions you will find compatibility with Growl the most used notifier on Mac and a system to autocomplete the names of the users that are mentioned.   The interface is totally customizable (colors availability of the elements images of the contacts tabs ...).   Another of the most noteworthy features is its integration with TwitPic so it will be possible to add as many photos as the user wants to his/her conversations.   Download YoruFukurou and discover on of the most complete Twitter clients for Mac.

YoruFukurou For Mac Download

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