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Mac Operating Systems use a user-friendly interface where almost even the slightest detail has been taken into account when it comes to making things easier but there are still some improvements that can be implemented like those CornerClick presents. Assign actions to each corner of your desktop This simple application is a Preference panel that offers us the possibility to assign an action to each corner of the screen. These actions can be: Open a file hide the current application or other applications open a URL run an AppleScript (this multiplies our possibilities) or various Exposé actions (we'll only have to make sure of assigning each Exposé action an F-key). Each corner can have multiple actions assigned to it that are run if we assign one or several keys to an action so we could run one action by pressing shift command option control or Fn and clicking or activate another action by combining two or more of these keys. Your productivity is sure to increase if you use CornerClick because once you get used to using these shortcuts any task will be much easier to accomplish.

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