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The filters available for Apple Mail aren't an effective enough barrier against unwanted mail? You need an effective solution to protect your computer against spam? SpamSieve is always a recommendable option. The most efficient anti-spam application for Mac SpamSieve is a powerful anti-spam filter based on Bayesian statistics that can be used as a plug-in in quite a few email clients. We are talking about a high-quality application and as a matter of fact it was named by the Macworld magazine 'Program of the Year'. A simplified way of explaining how SpamSieve works is the following: during a few days we will have to train the application by marking the email that we don't want which we consider spam and identify those emails that we consider valid. We can even include them in the list that the application indicates us to. Once it has finished its training SpamSieve is ready to work without your supervision. This application is compatible among others with the following email clients: Apple Mail Growl Entourage Eudora 5.2 or above Outlook Express 5 GyazMail Mailsmith and PowerMail.

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