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Even though Mac OS X includes an integrated expander the truth is that it doesn't cover everything and on many occasions we need to use a specialized program like Stuffit Expander. This software is one of the best compressors and decompressors that we will be able to find for the Apple platform. Stuffit Expander is totally compatible with all the most popular kinds of files including ZIP RAR 7z or TAR and that is why we will be able to open practically any compressed element that we can get hold of without any problems. One of the best unzippers for Mac Stuffit Expander works very fast and it hardly uses any system resources furthermore it is totally compatible with encrypted compression and it promises to reduce the size of the file that is compressed by 98%. Among other improvements in comparison with its competitors Stuffit Expander is capable of expanding files that are partially corrupt ignoring the parts that are missing to obtain as much information as possible. Furthermore it integrates with several common applications to manage to compress files that occupy a lot of space like the iPhoto photo library.

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