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Radioshift is the new radio. If you are still one of those people that prefer to receive information via the AM and FM waves you will surely like this software. As well as hundreds of International information channels you will be able to listen to all the music that you want. Tune into radio stations on your Mac Listening to the radio for free on the Internet is as easy as starting Radioshift to search for the broadcasts of your choice the music styles that you prefer or the geographic location from which you want it to be broadcast. Radioshift allows you to search for broadcasts even from a world map. It is also compatible with broadcasts that implement their players on the web. What's more Radioshift allows you to subscribe to the radio broadcasts and record what you listen to automatically. Even various broadcasts simultaneously. On the other hand it is capable of sending the recordings to iTunes or automating the recording tasks with the possibility even to wake up the Mac when the program starts. And all this from an interface that is really nice and that will allow you to easily listen to Internet radio with all the functions that you may need.

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