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SketchBox will allow you to place various sticky notes on your desktop. Thanks to this software the usual adhesive notes (also known as Post-its due to the brand created by 3M) that we stick to our real desktop and our computer's screen will now become virtual with all the advantages that this entails. Use sticky notes on your Mac There are lots of applications that are similar to SketchBox but none of them offer as many options or the same quality when they are implemented. In any of the notes that SketchBox will show on the desktop of our Mac we will be able to include freehand drawings write or paste texts (even hyperlink) or use them as alarms. With all the options available by means of a small tab in the top right-hand corner of each note. The program's interface shows all the notes with the possibility to organize them by folders in such a way that we will be able to activate only those that we want. Thus depending on the fact if we are working or not we will be able to use a different group of notes. The virtual Post-it are shown in a kind of dashboard that will only be active while SketchBox is open what's more by means of keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) we will be able to open and close them.

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