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ProtectMac AntiVirus is a complete solution to avoid that our computer is infected by any malware on the Internet or any file that is launched from our computer. It has an interface that is similar to the Mac OS X file explorer Finder thus making it very easy to control and configure. It has a system that practically doesn't affect the performance of the computer which is very important especially if we use applications that require the use of the vast majority of the computer's resources like design video editing and audio production applications. Main features Real-time analysis of the drives. Programmed scans. Automatic update system. Integration of the context menus. AIS (Adaptive Intelligent Scanning) system to manage a better performance. If you still don't have a protection system for your Mac that is practical and efficient you should try ProtectMac AntiVirus a complete solution to avoid that the virus and spyware applications affect your computer.

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