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Picturesque is a prize-winning photo editor. And we aren't speaking about a small prize this software received the title that marked it as the best design software for Mac in 2007. And it was well-deserved because it has a clear simple and refined interface. We aren't talking about a complete photo editor with which we can enhance every little detail of our photos but we'll be able to improve and enhance the color apply some graphic effects or save our favorite parameters to be able to use them recurrently. A great image editor for Mac Easily editing photos is a lot more pleasant with Picturesque because its interface is really simple. Divided into three big areas at the top we will find a row with all the images that we have open (it even supports drag&drop) a large visualization area will show us in real-time each change we apply to the image we have selected and at the bottom we will find all the options that this photo enhancement software has. Adding frames to the photos modern reflections and changing the perspective including a 3D effect in the images will be an easy task with Picturesque.

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