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The American multinational Google that surprised many users when they launched their electronic mail service (Gmail) their office suite (Google Docs) and finally their own browser (Google Chrome) that will probably become the most used browser worldwide in a not so distant future has done so again thanks to Google Drive. Cloud-based storage service by Google At a moment when 'Cloud Storage' seemed to have calmed down due to the clash for the control of the market taking place between three services (Dropbox OneDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive) Google Drive appears on the scene. Just like the majority of applications of this style Google Drive uses a folder to synchronize information with the storage service so as to offer the user all the data updated at all times but it adds some peculiarities that make it quite a bit better than its general competitors: Multiplatform compatibility it doesn't matter if you use a computer with Windows Mac or Linux or a smartphone or tablet with Android they all have their own version of Google Drive. It integrates totally with the Google Docs online office suite to be able to carry out collaborative work. Absolute control over who accesses shared content. Therefore if you are looking for an online storage service that offers great compatibility and is easy to use when it comes to accessing your data you only have to get hold of this program. What's new in the latest version Improvements to document synchronization.

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