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LeopardAssist is a simple program by means of which we'll be able to install Mac OS X Leopard on computers that have technical specifications that don't reach the operating system's minimum requirements without having to modify the hardware or use modified installation DVDs. Renovate your old Mac operating system Since Leopard requires an 867MHz processor this program installs a small patch on our machine so that when it comes to installing the popular operating system by Apple the verification process is ignored. This tool has been developed to be used on machines belonging to the G4 series like for example the eMac Power Macintosh iMac PowerBook and iBook. We do have to take into account that the developer of LeopardAssist advises that you use at least a 350MHz processor or above as well as 512MB of RAM memory. The installation is very simple and we'll only have to follow a few simple steps until the program applies the patch.

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