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Mac OS X is probably the most advanced and usable operating system that currently exists but Windows is still the one that monopolizes the market and therefore the one that offers the grand majority of applications. Having said this Linux is also a perfect candidate in many other aspects so if we would rather make the most of each system according to its possibilities VMware Fusion is a solution that will keep the integrity of our hard drive.   Before to be able to have several operating systems at our disposal it was necessary to partition our hard drive (a relatively dangerous task) and quarrel with configurations. Now VMware Fusion allows us to virtualize any operating system inside Mac OS X. Windows Linux Novell or Solaris can be virtualized easily as VMware Fusion is compatible with more than 140 operating systems. This means we can have any OS ready to go without even rebooting our computer.   The task of virtualizing basically consists in emulating a computer inside another one with its own operating system installed. The virtualization performed by VMware Fusion is so refined that it even allows us to emulate DirectX 9 with its advanced 3D possibilities.   Furthermore VMware Fusion can be totally transparent to the user launching just about any Windows application on a Mac as if it were a native application.   VMware Fusion is compatible with the latest Mac systems with multicore processors and 64-bit support. It also integrates with Exposé the dock and Boot Camp without any problems.

VMware Fusion For Mac Download

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