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AppCleaner is an interesting application for Mac that will make it easier for us to uninstall those programs that we don't want on our computer. On many occasions we think that an application is totally eliminated from the system but in reality there are still some files that are of no use at all and only occupy space on our hard drive. This tool cleans all these files. Carry out clean uninstalls on your Mac Easy-to-use ApplCleaner offers us the possibility to select from a list those programs that we want to eliminate. As soon as we choose it will show us the files that are related to that application. If we decide to eliminate them AppCleaner will do so effectively. We will also be able to eliminate any program by dragging it to the AppCleaner icon. If we activate the SmartDelete option each time that we move an application to the recycling bin the program will eliminate it properly locating the rest of files that are related to it and eliminating them from the system. To avoid errors we'll have an option with which we'll be able to protect those programs that we don't want to delete under any concept. Finally we'll be able to see a history in which all the applications that have been eliminated from the system will be listed.

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