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Dofus has become one of the most important MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) for Mac as it offers an enormous world to travel around presented in a very appealing and graphical environment with many different ways to overcome missions and make our character evolve. Create your own character for this turn-based MMORPG In this game we must create a character and make it progress as much as possible overcoming the different missions that we must face traveling around the world in search of objects that will allow our character to grow and facing all kinds of enemies by means of a rather curious turn-based combat system (something that isn't very common in this kind of game). The controls are rather simple as practically all the game is controlled by the mouse we only have to learn a couple of keyboard shortcuts to access our inventory and chat window quickly providing faster communication with other players. If you still haven't found a free role-playing game that offers you spectacular graphics an original game system and a large world to travel around you should download and try Dofus.

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