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MacScan offers us the tools necessary to detect and eliminate all the trojans and other spyware that may have managed to get onto your computer. Because even when it is true that the vast majority of threats that affect Windows don't affect Mac it is never a bad idea to add further protection against new security problems. Anti-spyware software will help us to maintain our Mac free of threats MacScan is a simple application that locates and eliminates the threats that are hosted on the system. We'll have the possibility to perform three kinds of scans: quick complete or customized that adapts the scan to our own needs. After detecting dangerous software it shows us a list so as to decide if we want to eliminate them. Once the process has been completed our Mac will be free of all threats. It will also allow us to eliminate the data that we store on our Internet browser and that we aren't interested in saving like histories passwords or cookies. We'll also be able to select those browsers and kinds of files that we want MacScan to analyze and clean.

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