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Fluid is an application developed to place any web service like Flickr or Facebook on your computer's desktop in such a way that you'll be able to launch it as if it were a normal software application. The best way to place any online service directly on your Mac's desktop The way the tool works is very simple because it creates independent browsers for each of the services that you need being able to access them directly from the dock of your Mac OS X. Thus without requiring to have thousands of browser tabs open you'll be able to have a shortcut to Twitter Google Docs Facebook Google Calendar or any online mail service. The program uses the same engine Webkit as the Safari browser something that makes sure that it will be highly compatible with the majority of services and that they will be able to be accessed very quickly. The application has a large user community that offers all kinds of scripts with which you'll be able to improve the integration of the application with hundreds of web applications.

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