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Search engine positioning has become a must for companies. Great part of the daily traffic of any business on the Internet comes from Google and for such purpose having keyword tools to carry out decent communications strategies is essential for any corporation. There are loads of online SEO tools and applications out there to be able to verify keywords review links and analyze your direct competition among which we can point out the SEO PowerSuite pack that includes a series of web positioning applications such as Rank Tracker Link Assistant SEO SpyGlass and Website Auditor. SEO for everyone Rank Tracker in particular is a tool designed to monitor the position of your keywords in the search results offered by Google and other search engines. It's free and works in a very precise and professional manner. But why should you control the position of your keywords? Because with this tool you can find out if your page ranks higher or lower than the last time you checked. The program analyzes over 400 search engines and checks among the first 50 and 1 000 results on an accessible list. It even allows you to monitor the keywords used by your competition and see where they're getting traffic from. There are no limits for Rank Tracker you can check as many websites as you want. If you need to view the rankings in a location different to yours or several places at the same time with Rank Tracker you can monitor any country state city village or an exact address. The program's tutorial explains how to position our web and carry out a correct monitoring activity. You can also measure the impact of your posts on social networks and the effects of your external links.

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